Excerpts – E-911 local law #8 Effective September 1, 2000
LEGISLATIVE INTENT: In the best interest of the citizens of Dutchess County to have uniform signs for E-911 purposes so all structures can be easily identified by emergency vehicles.

NUMBERING OF HOUSE/STRUCTURES: It is the responsibility of the owner or occupant to affix the assigned 911 number and remove any old numbers. The cost of the new numbers shall be the responsibility of the owner or occupant. Required compliance time is 30 days from date of notice.

SIZE AND LOCATION OF ROAD ADDRESS NUMBERS: Road address numbers shall not be less than 3 inches in height and shall be made of a durable and clearly visible material. In addition, the material should be reflective, if possible. Whenever a building is more than 50 feet from the road or when the entrance of the building is not visible from the road, the numbers shall be placed on a rigid post along a walk, driveway or other location so the address number is visible from the road, upon approach from either direction. Address numbers shall be of a contrasting color of the background upon which they are mounted. A mailbox at the end of the walk or driveway with numbers on both sides can be used in lieu of the rigid post. A second set of numbers shall be placed on a structure located more than fifty (5) feet from the road. (Suggested details for rigid post: 36" from roadway post should be 36" to 40" in height to avoid snow cover, reflective numbers on both sides facing traffic and visible from either direction).

DISPLAY OF NUMBERS: All commercial and industrial structures shall display numbers of not less than 4 inches in height above the main entrance.

NONCOMPLIANCE: Any owner/occupant who refuses or neglects to properly number said structure shall be notified of the violation of this law.

Service of notice may be given by personal service, certified mail, return receipt requested, thereof to the last known address of the owner/occupant.

In the event of neglect or refusal of any owner, after notice, to cause said structure to be properly numbered, the Dutchess County Emergency Response Coordinator may cause said structure to be properly numbered. *Owner/occupant will be responsible for cost of numbering.

PENALTIES FOR OFFENSES: Any property owner who fails to comply with this local law WITHIN 30 DAYS of NOTIFICATION shall be liable for civil penalty. Violation of this local law shall constitute an offense punishable by a fine not exceeding $50 for a first offense, not exceeding $100 for a second offense, and not exceeding $150 for any subsequent offense.

NOTE: Owner may contact the Compliance official and after considering all the facts the Compliance official may make a determination forthwith, holding: (1) The owner is in violation and impose a fine in accordance with the law; or (2) Extend the owner additional time to comply; or (3) Grant a variance from the strict application of this law; or (4) Dismiss the summons on the basis of the facts presented or compliance completed.

ENFORCEMENT: Any fine levied shall be paid within 30 days and/or Town may commence civil suit in small claims court, and/or town may levy fine with next tax bill.

APPEAL: There is an Appeal process.

Address Post Placement:

Place post three feet from the edge of driveway and 2 feet from the edge of the roadway (same as mailbox). If you have a Rural Mail Delivery Box, post your 911 numbers on both sides of the box, facing traffic from either direction with REFLECTIVE NUMBERS - 3" OR LARGER.

If you do not have a Rural Mail Delivery Box OR, your mail box is on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROAD from your property, you are REQUIRED TO INSTALL A RIGID POST by the corner of your driveway, with REFLECTIVE NUMBERS, on both sides, to face traffic from either direction. Post should be at least 30" in height to avoid snow cover. Post should be placed for best visability.

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